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About Us

online courseware - quote: The great aim of education is not knowledge, but action. - Herbert Spencer Our Distance Learning Story: distance learning tools

Bringing lessons to life through online courseware

Dallas Learning Solutions (DLS) is an educational resource that provides colleges and universities with online courseware designed for today's diverse learner. Promote student engagement and improve completion rates with these online courseware solutions.


Leveraging courseware to reach today's student

Because the way students learn has drastically changed, engaging courseware has become more and more crucial. Today's learning environment is no longer narrowly defined as one instructor lecturing to a single classroom. Instead, students can learn anywhere, at any time, with access to the best experts in education. Dallas Learning Solutions (DLS) packages this curation and synergy into comprehensive course-specific content that features video and online learning activities for students on college campuses, in the workplace, and at home.


Offering educational institutions a sustainable wraparound course program for 21st century expectations

We offer colleges and universities a unique consultative partnership in addition to our learning solutions to address the needs of all 21st century learners. We provide educational solutions to your traditional, hybrid, and online or distance learning environments. Partnering with us is a viable solution to the challenges that institutions face today and tomorrow.